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yngbroterrellsmBrother Terrell was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer when he was a little boy. He testifies of having to go through many surgeries and agonizing pain regularly with no relief. His bone in his leg had been eaten up by that disease to the point where the only thing that kept his leg from falling off was his skin. After the doctors could do no more for him, they had sent him home to die. However, there was one person had the faith to believe God would heal him regardless of what man said, that was in his mother.

Then it happened one day when Jesus came to his room and told little David he was HEALED! Brother Terrell was reluctant at first but when Jesus told him to walk, he did just that. When his mother came back to the home after being out in the field and saw David standing and walking, she lifted up her hands and said "Lord I never doubted you once!".

Not only did David walk but he started running for the Lord Jesus and has not stopped. He has banded with a group of dedicated God fearing men and women that help him take this message where ever God tells him to go.motherbroterrellsm




During the year of 1967, God had told him to separate himself and go on a long fast that ultimately brought him to the point of death. He had lost all his strength and weight, making it hard for him to even move or remain conscious for no longer than a few minutes. The Christian family that leant him the trailer to fast in, found his emaciated body prostrate and dehydrated. They brought him to the house and the mother repeatedly squeezed drops of water into his mouth until he regained consciousness. Though he was not fit to carry himself or even move, he asked them to return him back to that trailer so he can complete his fast that he promised God. They, reluctantly or not, granted his request and took him back to that place where this time he locked himself in and passed out on the floor.


The day was April, 17 1967 and while he laid there slowly drifting away, a light shined through the roof at his feet and there stood a man irradiating with light. David saw that it was Jesus and lifted his hands expect him to take him away. Jesus reached out His hands and touched David Terrell in the palms of his hands and said "Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world. I Am the answer you have been seeking for. Turn the attention of the people upon me and if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me. I am giving you the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the same that Peter, Paul and John had, the Revelation of the Word of God. There's coming forth a revival that will shake the very foundation of the church. Acknowledge me in everything that you do. Practice my way of life. By this shall all men know that you are my disciple, if you have love one to another. You know what to do." Even to this day, Brother David Terrell has kept the faith in Jesus.


Not to say that he has not gone through his share of troubles, who hasn't? He will tell you out his own mouth, the trials physically and emotionally he had to endure.



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